Saturday, 23 January 2010

Inside Davmo.

His name is Davmo, I want to step inside.

Have you ever felt like grabbing an image with your both hands but you couldn't? First, because it is impossible to grab an object within an illustration, second, because the characters and objects in Davmo's works appear to be liquid, as liquid as a puddle of oil or water. 
Try to imagine yourself standing inside of Davmo's works in an attempt to touch everything around you. Certainly, it would create a movement, a chain reaction, the shapes mutating into different beings. After seeing the whole tableau move like a giant construction made out of jello, a sort of excitement would arise. The intruder (you or me) would be faced with two options: a run for shelter or a fascinated gaze at the metamorphosis no matter the outcome. However, when taking a journey within an art work, one should always remember this: with the knowledge of standing within a fixed creation, there is no need to flee for, in the end, all will settle back into its original form.  

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