Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Paper Purgatories

The world was a blank sheet of paper out of which God cut out the world in a genetically modified origami orgasm. His name was Peter Callesen.

Knitworks of fresh air.

Explosions of color on paper, in perspex and knitted unpronounceable materials. This is just a small repertoire of Californian artist Sherin Guirguis. The young visual composer creates human size 'jewelry' with details sweet like starlights in the darkness. The sensation brought about by Guirguis' carefully designed detailed works is geometric prose: shapes, colors and materials are in an emotional but chaotic discourse. One cannot help but be blown away by the attention put in every aspect of the artist's work. FAN.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Toc Fetch

Graphite on paper.
Exceeding the veracity of photography 
by poeticizing the three dimensional.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I dreamt I was so big I ate the world.

It is rare for a friend 
to know exactly what you need 
even though it is so simple 
that it comes close to being 

My friend met a man 
while waiting for her friend
outside of a bar 
who started chatting to her 
and gave her a book.
A book he wrote himself.

A book about dreams. 

My friend was invited for dinner 
at our place 
and did not know
 I was under the weather. 

She looked at me 
and realized I was sad, 
so she grabbed this book 
out of her bag 
and gave it to me.

It was the warmest moment since christmas 1995.

Thank you Amara.

While you were hiding....

While I was sleeping, 
somebody sneaking, 
brought you to life. 

Then one afternoon, 
on the day after fool moon, 
I saw a glimpse. 

I captured you.

Friday, 19 March 2010

I can make you an 'iron whatever'

I could write about my feelings towards these sculptures but the 'about us' section on the website of this artist is so to the point, I'd much rather quote it as a solid description of these creations.

"I have been doing iron art for 15 years now. I specialize in trees and cacti but can do any sculpture within reason. Please contact us to get an estimate on what your dream iron sculpture would look like (don't tempt us...)

I specialize in using horse shoes and rebar for base materials but can use any iron base materials (exciting...). Drop us a line today using the Contacts page and let us know what you are looking for."

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Pimp my trash can, Baby.

We all like to get rid of our trash, but hate the big old waste bins. They smell, they are ugly and often unfriendly to the eye. As a consequence, a serious problem arises in society: an esthetic disturbance a lot of people are conscious about, nevertheless very few act upon. Not to worry though, in 2010, wall paper street warriors are invading the curb walks of the metropolises, embellishing dumpsters with joyful prints. "Come glorify my waste giant, please."

Thursday, 11 March 2010

The tear collector

As melancholy strikes before springtime and Virgin Atlantic goodbye dinners, I could not help but stumbling upon a discourse between Photographer Zack Bent and journalist Paul Schmelzer. The interview is about Bent's piece called Lachrymatory — a collection of his tears and the tears of his wife and children. 

Tears fall often in our house. Collecting them in the vial became a similar ritual to kissing a bump on the head. It became an act of love. This is a case where my art practice heightened the quality of our inter-family relationships and made physically manifest our maternal and paternal care giving … The title Lachrymatory comes from the ancient tear catching vials that were often filled by grieving widows. I collect a lot of tears as a father. The piece definitely memorializes mourning and weakness. The result of the collection is salt; an element of preservation.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

If I was a mini me I would have mini eccentric chairs

I went to Saatchi Gallery and I picked my favorite chairs. 
Les voila'.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Vegetables from the underworld

Hobbies, everybody has them. Some people like to roast chickens and other winged animals, some people like to engage in pottery baking, some people take senior aikido classes and some people make animals out of fruit (is this art?). These pictures are disturbing and likely to evoke Vegetable Tourette Syndrome. After slicing up citrus fruits to make a monkey, these commoners will develop the unstoppable urge to curse, 'veggie style'. 'Paul', 'Anne' or 'Joe' could be the customers in front of you cuing at the supermarket, screaming random words like 'carrot', 'parsnip' or even 'guava'.  The most interesting picture of the day is the bottom one of this post: I cannot figure out if the creator made an elephant or a life scale model of his shriveled genitalia.

Monday, 1 March 2010

70's skies and verbal fantasies.

"...on a déjà discuté de ça, tu sais très bien que j'aimais cet homme qui ne se souvenait jamais le dernier mot de la phrase avant de la prononcer. C'était genial moi et lui, car chaque fois, je pouvais inventer un morceau de son âme. Tu sais que les phrases sont les enfants de l'âme?"

"...we've already discussed this matter, you know very well that I loved that man who always forgot the last word of his sentence before enunciating it. It was amazing me and him, I always felt like I was able to craft a piece of his soul. Do you know that sentences are the children of the soul?"