Sunday, 17 January 2010

'Folk Art': frightened fascination.

'Art, patriotism and religious fervour.' Benjamin Franklin Perkins managed to make them work together on paintings, facades and a whole church building. The Hansel and Gretel like cottage on the picture below may appear like novelty or a freak show, nevertheless the American artist's practice of combining art and love for ones roots can be classified under 'Folk Art'.
Perkins, a retired U.S. marine and Reverend born in Alabama in 1904, discovered art as a way to share his personal memories and deliver patriotic and religious messages to his surroundings. After retiring, the ex marine started to cover his habitat and many tableaus in red, blue and white, often including some text, sprung from his belief that "If art don't tell me anything it's not art". 

A fascinating freak..

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