Saturday, 16 January 2010

Botanists of the Asphalt

What springs to mind when you hear London, when you stand still on the streets of the City and look up, down, behind you or in front of you? What happens when you halt your movement to capture the atmosphere, the movements, the crisscross of events with a brush, a lens, found treasures of the city, or by demonstrating its dynamics through abstract constructions?
'Botanists of the Asphalt' is the collection of snapshots of the city, through the eye of different artistic mediums. A true must for wanderers who like to pause the chaos and artistically dissect their view on London.

The City Arts and Music Project presents, 'Botanists of the Asphalt', Curated by Stephanie Pochet. 
City Road 70-74, London EC17 2BJ.

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