Tuesday, 28 September 2010

One, two, three, punk Pettibon.

Los Angeles based Raymond Pettibon, born in 1957 in Dakota, USA, known for his affiliation with the punk rock band Black Flag and the amazing creator of comic inspired illustrations.
Often interlarded with social issues such as gang formation and segregation, his work is a true visual as well as a mental treat.

The Roski University of the Arts in Los Angeles, CA, is holding an exhibition on an intriguing collaboration between Pettibon himself and Brian Kennon. Upon Kennon's production of an oeuvre based on 1960s and 1970s Playboy "editorial nudity" and the German electronic band Tangerine Dream, Pettibon took the opportunity to dig deeper into the artist's work and create a photographic exposé
on the two subjects brought together. Poorly dressed Barbie dolls, 70's porn and German New Age: definitely worth checking out.


Friday, 17 September 2010

It is, never to be left unguarded.

While the world is bursting with young, talented photographers, one is bound to create platforms for the world's pictorial storytellers and capturers of immeasurable beauty.
Out of the realm of the ever so saturated planet of photo stream pages, The Social Perv loves 'If you leave' , an online "curation" of images by many different amazing contributers.
Bare in mind, during this visually intense journey, you might get charmingly lost by the 11th page, completely forgetting that autumn is on our doorstep.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Aw, for the love of triangle!

Spring has never been so far away when leaves start falling from the trees and birds migrate south, but wait, there comes Daniel Hunziker and brings: Geometry.

The artist does not merely present us with blow up versions of hexagonal decatrons and mutated cubes, but a real interpretation of space and a studied presentation of the effects of light and shadow on the work itself. Mysterious objects which seem to fail to correlate, raise enigmatic questions to the spectator who wants to grasp the meaning of the real life paralellepiped but has to complete investigating by following the clues brought by the triangle covered in metal rings.
True 'connoisseurs' (I still don't understand why you anglophones feel the need to incorporate misspelled french loan words into the sophisticated language) would soon realize that geometry itself is self-fufilling and needs no explanation.
"Nothing shows itself at once. To focus on the various layers, that we see unconsciously, is so exciting." (DH)

Daniel Robert Hunziker, currently exhibiting at the Von Bartha Garage in Switzerland. Amazing must see Gallery! Make sure to check out their gas station conversion into a new exhibition space!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Towers of Light

When faced with the contrast between life and death, joy and depression, warmth and cold, one is bound to think of 'light' and 'darkness'.

The 9/11 incident was a moment of incomprehensible darkness, an image of the fragility of life, a grotesque display of a game of political monopoly and wake up call to look outside the box of Western civilization. Pain and loss are dark, and somewhere out there, people still live in the black tar pits of their shadow players.

The installation put up by Paul Myoda and Julian LaVerdiere is not only a light to memorize the ache of losing a family member, a friend, or a fellow human, it is the reminder that we have the duty to shine light in the darkness, even where for some reason, it has been prevented to do so.

Monday, 6 September 2010


Nature managed to trick UFO geeks into thinking there is alien life form using BMW saucers to cruise the airways, but can architects trick nature?

Lenticular clouds also known as 'wave clouds' are formations possible at very high altitudes, when the air is extremely moist and the winds are too perpendicular for words. Because natural sculptures like these are a sight for sore eyes, many artists have found inspiration in them and believers have seen galactic foreigners approaching mankind, so when does architecture come into the picture?

The Southern California Institute of Architecture Gallery (SCI-Arc) is currently holding an exhibition on the design by Los Angeles and Sendai-based architecture firm 'Atelier Hitoshi Abe' (AHA) of a new large-scale roof over the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC) Plaza, designed by Isamu Noguchi. The roof-top revamp is to incorporate a view of the currently cut off surrounding townscape and to limit the plaza to climatical exposure ( yes, California is definitely known for its harsh and unpredictable climate) as it has constituted an obstacle for past activities hosted in its zen garden.
Nature, environment and design are thus once again brought together to recreate one of nature's most aesthetically pleasing phenomenons in an amazing ar(t)chitectural project. We wait with clapping hands to see Hitoshi Abe's realization in the future.

The exhibition runs until the 12th of September at the SCI-Arc Gallery.


Friday, 3 September 2010

Etienne sans titre.

We often complain about visual art being static. The creator died as he signed the canvas on the back and hung the piece in the gallery, as theorist Roland Barthes states in his work on literary criticism. One might want to defy the continuous state of a canvas in a creative way? Etienne Chambaud plays with what looks like the obvious and twists it around: confused, caged tulips, see-through atlases, hypnotic collages of cut out concentric circles and a canvas that has a different title each day of the exhibition.
Dussoldorf's finest,
  • Sies + Höke,

  • is holding an exhibition as we speak on the the artist, entitled 'Le Musée Décapité'. From September 3 — September 28, 2010.

    Below, some works out of Chambaud's pas exhibitions:
    from top to bottom:

    "« Atlas, »",

    "La Feuille Blanche n°18",

    "Sans Titre" (Les Titres et leur Objet) A neon sign, whose shape hesitates between an exploded geometrical form and a letter, is given a different title each day it is exhibited. A framed calendar shows the titles for the duration of the exhibition

    "L'Electricité, Exclusion de la Tautologie n°2"

    A lamp lights up its own socket.

    From a series of tautologies that either exclude themselves from the realm of tautologies or are, as tautologies, excluded from the world.

    "The Cut, Part I and Part II"

    A glass cube holds a cut tulip upside-down left to fade during the course of the exhibition.
    A new tulip replaces the previous one each time the work is exhibited.

    A one time performed public lecture ends up with the artist putting his notes in his
    suit-jacket's pocket and hanging it on a hook in the exhibition space.

    Thursday, 2 September 2010

    The sunshine covered my morning with golden axes.

    As I watched the sunlight creep through my wooden blinds this morning, all I could think about was how I could capture that moment in eternity.
    The mood was set, today would be a day for wandering around town aimlessly and photography.
    Here are some SP favourites for the beginning of our well deserved indian summer, here in London.

    First thursdays today, can't wait to see what I will discover.

    My good friend Athos Burez just brought out an amazing book, make sure to check it out.


    Pictures by Athos Burez, Maha Saab, Aaron Gustafson and Manya Fox.