Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Thief Catcher.

Sunday nights would not be perfect without at least a drizzle of nostalgia-inducing jazz music or a pinch of silent movie IMDb browsing, therefore, please do take a look at Charlie Chaplin's first motion picture ever made, discovered only recently by film collector Paul Gierucki.
The cinephile was browsing through the rummage of an antique store in Taylor, Michigan, when he encountered a 16mm film print hidden in a trunk. As lovers of film don't come short of an obsessively compulsive attention to detail, he instantly dismantled the mystery tape as to being a 'Keystone Comedy - 1914 - dispersed classic', entitled "The Thief Catcher". Soon after the revelation took place, Charlie Chaplin's first born was brought back to life at its re-premiere during the 46th annual Cinecon Classic Film Festival at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.
I certainly wish I could have been there.
Clap, clap.

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