Sunday, 24 October 2010

Psychotherapy: a menace to civilization?

The last year of high school, useless days of endless career conventions, only to end up making the wrong decisions whilst discovering that the group heading towards the Faculty of Psychology information desk is mostly made up out of the school's renown sociopaths and most feared OCD driven schizophrenics.
Like a time bomb ticking slowly, awaiting to ensure its lasting influence upon its vulnerable environment, the faculty of psychology is bursting with the amass of self-explorative mentalists who decide to help others since they have never been able to help themselves.
Anyhow, why rant about only one of the many cases of threatening backwardness in society, when one can celebrate art and irony? Baggelboy, an illustrator from the very East of London has created "A Colouring Book for Psychotherapists".
I wonder how his shrink feels about this.

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