Friday, 3 September 2010

Etienne sans titre.

We often complain about visual art being static. The creator died as he signed the canvas on the back and hung the piece in the gallery, as theorist Roland Barthes states in his work on literary criticism. One might want to defy the continuous state of a canvas in a creative way? Etienne Chambaud plays with what looks like the obvious and twists it around: confused, caged tulips, see-through atlases, hypnotic collages of cut out concentric circles and a canvas that has a different title each day of the exhibition.
Dussoldorf's finest,
  • Sies + Höke,

  • is holding an exhibition as we speak on the the artist, entitled 'Le Musée Décapité'. From September 3 — September 28, 2010.

    Below, some works out of Chambaud's pas exhibitions:
    from top to bottom:

    "« Atlas, »",

    "La Feuille Blanche n°18",

    "Sans Titre" (Les Titres et leur Objet) A neon sign, whose shape hesitates between an exploded geometrical form and a letter, is given a different title each day it is exhibited. A framed calendar shows the titles for the duration of the exhibition

    "L'Electricité, Exclusion de la Tautologie n°2"

    A lamp lights up its own socket.

    From a series of tautologies that either exclude themselves from the realm of tautologies or are, as tautologies, excluded from the world.

    "The Cut, Part I and Part II"

    A glass cube holds a cut tulip upside-down left to fade during the course of the exhibition.
    A new tulip replaces the previous one each time the work is exhibited.

    A one time performed public lecture ends up with the artist putting his notes in his
    suit-jacket's pocket and hanging it on a hook in the exhibition space.

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