Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sustainable, very attainable.

Let's face it, the way we are treating planet earth we have, what, maximum 4 more generations living without a permanent oxygen mask on their faces?

Tsunamis, Leukemia, global warming, unexpected monsoons and hurricanes, saturation of landfill sites, how will we cope with self inflicted mass destruction of mankind?

No need to panic (kinda!), but some minor adaptations in the everyday life could help our blue planet massively.

You can start by recycling properly, that's right Pointdexter, plastic bottles don't make compost.

But there is more! Ever thought about reducing the Co2 footprint by how you furnish or build your house? If you still want to be able to breathe fresh air in 2099 and drink from your tap, start exploring sustainable design and art.

From top to bottom: Tree life in Sydney: The cool Hunter, Lamp unknown, Bench: The Greenhaus, Cascade lamp: Russ Hagan, Gogo Ghost lamp: Corey Daniels, The Eco Tree: Louie Psihoyos, Fallen Forest: Erick Hakansson, Melting Men: Nele Azevedo.

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