Sunday, 15 August 2010

Kartell and PVC Overkill.

Plastic, metal, paper, the new millennium is all about recycling. After the first skepticism on whether our rubbish separating efforts were not just a pat on the shoulder for the ever so present environmentalists, the era of coloured bins and weird abbreviations for primary materials came to life. The nasty little brown bin for compost, the blue one for toxic waste, the rainbow coloured one for children... All of the sudden everything in the world had its very own personalized trash can.

The question you have never asked yourself is, "what if you could send your waste off to a factory where it would all get molded into expensive PVC designer furniture?"
It was cool in the sixties, but why does Kartell feel the need to continue brainwashing the wealthy home owner to decorate his whole house with blow-ups of retro dollhouse props?

Overpriced playskool set tables for adults, anyone? - Whoever is in the designer hood, should stick with wood.

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