Thursday, 4 March 2010

Vegetables from the underworld

Hobbies, everybody has them. Some people like to roast chickens and other winged animals, some people like to engage in pottery baking, some people take senior aikido classes and some people make animals out of fruit (is this art?). These pictures are disturbing and likely to evoke Vegetable Tourette Syndrome. After slicing up citrus fruits to make a monkey, these commoners will develop the unstoppable urge to curse, 'veggie style'. 'Paul', 'Anne' or 'Joe' could be the customers in front of you cuing at the supermarket, screaming random words like 'carrot', 'parsnip' or even 'guava'.  The most interesting picture of the day is the bottom one of this post: I cannot figure out if the creator made an elephant or a life scale model of his shriveled genitalia.

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