Monday, 1 March 2010

Jell-O pathologies.

Who would've thought there could be such a thing as Jell-O addicts. That's right, upon your civilized paths there are some lunatics who fondle around with gelatin. On top of being ridiculously unhealthy and packed with sugar, last time I checked I remembered the gravitationally challenged substance to be made out of collagen. Yes folks, this product derives from the nuclear part of animal bone and is basically what happens with the rest of that cow you ate last week. 'Yum'. Anyways, enough about how gross Jell-O is, more interesting is to comment briefly on the shamefulness of the 'gelatin fetish' haunting these individuals. During a global Jell-O competition, monstrous creations where exposed: jewelry, burgers and fries, caviar and fried eggs, just to name a few, all made out of the dubious vacillating substance.

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