Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Skies, Zeus and foreign objects.

I found myself looking at pictures of skies today, for their way of being chameleonic, for their way of being vast, but mostly for being extremely unpredictable. Much like life, the sky is boundless and uncontrollable, it exists here, but also there.

Walking home from the subway at 11pm, crossing the desolate market square near my flat, I decided to look up to see what color the sky would be tonight. It was a dark shade of midnight blue, spotted with tiny flocks of golden clouds. As I kept staring at its intensity, I could not help but imagine a sharp, straight, vertical line plummeting down from the sky, halting right on the top of my nose. I froze. Like a one-way roller coaster, my mind traveled from downwards up to the ever so distant sky. At this point, in a state of trance and marvel, I got an uncanny feeling isolation whilst envisioning the annihilation of time and space. Moreover, the further I continued my mental path vertically upwards, the more I could feel my body shrinking to the size of a molecule, an atom, a neutron... "How could this sky be so vast!", i wondered...

Even though I had always been skeptical about believing in the 'all-seeing-eye' watching over humanity, dictated by religious institutions
and fear of the unknown, tonight, my thoughts were amended. Whilst visually absorbing the sky, I was drawn into a Zeus-like fantasy, in which I could not help but smile. Perhaps because beyond that endless blue screen, a giant, whatever form he may come as, was watching me, laughing, because whilst I was walking on that desolate market square, aimlessly gazing upwards and philosophizing about nonsensical nonsense, I tripped over a used diaper and sort of hurt myself.

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