Monday, 7 June 2010


"Were your parents throwing a party at your house on Saturday?"

Yes, it was an art opening."

Born in Wisconsin in the sixties and proud possessor of several MFA's in Art history and criticism, artist Michelle Grabner has founded one of the most remarkable art spaces in the world.
A family gallery equipped of several studios, Grabner invites a choice of artists over to her house to create, exhibit and live in an almost public atelier. The attention put to the importance of good energies and connection of the space and herself with the elected artists, create an altogether particular atmosphere for exhibitions that ooze personality.
A must see in Oak Park, Chicago.

Above, in order: two works of Grabner herself, The Suburban, Grabner in The Suburban, current exhibitions of Garth Weiser and Francesca DiMattio.

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