Saturday, 20 February 2010

'Intaglio prints' and salty immigrants

'Intaglio prints'. New York City born Liz Shepherd uses a particular printing technique where photo sensitive film emulsion is applied to copper plates, exposing the plate to UV light, etching the plate in ferric chloride acid and printing the plate on an etching press. Tight. 
The artist comes from a graphic design background which she claims to be very contaminating to her art work in general. Moreover, Shepherd feels she is constantly fighting against the need to “fix”, the impulse to overly refine and resolve. That said, one can notice her print work to be very simplistic and elegant, and clearly architecturally influenced. Shepherd has the tendency to print mostly the outline of objects, adapting, perhaps, the idea of a blue print of a building to a salt shaker or incorporating bits of furniture or snapshots of a building site into the silhouette of a man.

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